Klang Machine Records, 2022


1. The Infinite

2. Before I Vanish

3. Drown

4. Venom

5. Eclipse

6. Complacency

7. Awake

8. Plume

9. Save Us

‘rEvolve’ is a concept album and in its three distinct chapters Stephany conquers her inner demons and tells the story of an endless self-destructive cycle of fear, anxiety, and jealousy. In a world that normalises negativity, where we have forgotten how to be ourselves, ‘rEvolve’ takes you on a journey of vanquishing self-doubt and coming out victorious on the other end, all through “a mix of blasting aggression with emotive melodies and ferocious riffs” (Wonderbox Metal).

“On ‘rEvolve’, we set no limits to our creativity. It was a very challenging album for us to write and it pushed us way out of our comfort zones. Each of us went through times when we thought “oh wow, this is really hard, I don’t know if I’m going to make it…but let’s do it anyway”. As passionate musicians we can only hope that true metal fans will see the blood and tears we put in.

‘rEvolve’ is a perfectly timed release valve for the two years of isolation, anxiety and grief we all went through recently. That challenging time really shone a bright light for me on an endless cyclical loop of frustration, grief, addiction and hope many of us are stuck in without even realising it. The songs convey a mix of fury and anticipation that we didn’t even realise we felt so strongly, and the results were often surprising and emotional to us.“

All music written by Kassogtha

Lyrics by Stephany Hugnin

Produced by Mortimer Baud and David Castillo

Recorded by David Castillo at studio Grondahl / Fascination Street Studios

Mixed by Linus Corneliusson at Fascination Street Studios

Mastered by Tony Lindgren at Fascination Street Studios

Additional recordings by Ricardo Borges and Tobias Sillman at studio Grondahl / Fascination Street Studios

Acoustic guitars recorded by Martin Burger at Royal Studios

Additional lead and clean guitars recorded by Mortimer Baud

Cover design by Stephany Hugnin with photography by Geoffroy "Tako" Baud

rEvolve videos: