About the band

“Packed with everything needed for an avant-metal behemoth” - Metal Hammer UK

”A bigger, bolder, more ambitious slice of brutality as finely crafted as the timepieces for which their country is renowned” - Metal Hammer UK 

“Bands with the kind of creative scope as KASSOGTHA are very few and far between” - Distorted Sound Magazine

“Heavy as f**k.” - Metal Hammer UK

“Despite the band being in the embryonic stage of its career, the members have proved already that they are more than capable of rubbing shoulders with the big boys of the progressive metal scene.” - Distorted Sound Magazine

“If you have a taste for modern heaviness, then rEvolve should absolutely not be missed.” - Wonderbox Metal

Kassogtha place authenticity and sincerity above smoke and mirrors: a genuine metal band for true metal fans that takes the genre further without abandoning its core ingredients. From Pink Floyd to Gojira, Kassogtha’s no-nonsense brand of groovy progressive death metal combines a variety of influences to create a steamrolling fusion of irresistible riffs, neck-breaking drums and a vocal range covering brutal growls counteracting ethereal melodies. Kassogtha stand for old school riffs and progressive inspiration, savage grooves and blast beats, creativity and speed, and pure, honest dedication to their craft.

Kassogtha was brought to life by lyricist Stephany and chief songwriter Morty in Geneva, Switzerland. The band’s debut album “A New World to Come” (2017) was followed by their sophomore EP “The Call” (2019), where Kassogtha showcased their musical diversity with an edgy cover of Pink Floyd’s “Welcome to the Machine”.

Latest album rEvolve (Nov 11th 2022, Klang Machine Records)

‘rEvolve’ is a concept album and in its three distinct chapters Stephany conquers her inner demons and tells the story of an endless self-destructive cycle of fear, anxiety, and jealousy. In a world that normalises negativity, where we have forgotten how to be ourselves, ‘rEvolve’ takes you on a journey of vanquishing self-doubt and coming out victorious on the other end, all through “a mix of blasting aggression with emotive melodies and ferocious riffs” (Wonderbox Metal).

rEvolve was produced at Stockholm’s legendary Fascination Street Studios with David Castillo (Carcass, Opeth, Leprous), Linus Corneliusson (Ihsahn, Amorphis) and Tony Lindgren (Carcass, Opeth, Katatonia). Released on Klang Machine Records on 11/11/22.

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