The Infinite

Klang Machine Records, 2022

‘The Infinite’ is the third of a series of new songs leading up to our upcoming concept album rEvolve.

Mortimer elaborates:

“This was the first song written in the rEvolve writing process. In fact, its first iteration was created when the band was working on their previous EP, The Call. ‘The Infinite‘ is now one the most, if not the most, brutal songs of the album. As the opening track, we wanted to let our audience immediately know what we are up to now. Progressive DEATH Metal. The song grabs people by the throat with a no fuss blast beat intro followed by chaos and intensity that barely stops until the end of the song.”

...and Stephany comments on the song’s lyrics:

“It is right here, next to you, and it’s taking you on a trip to your deepest fears and anger. Will you choose to follow the path it’s trying so hard to draw you to? Oh, you will, for sure…
The Infinite drags us into a world of uncertainty and madness. Only one thing shines in the dark and gives a little hope: a presence, imperceptible, which inevitably draws us towards a path that could be fatal unless it’s the deliverance we’ve been waiting for so long…”

Watch the video: