Klang Machine Records, 2022

‘Eclipse’ is the fifth of a series of new songs leading up to rEvolve, out on Klang Machine Records, the newly-formed heavy music label co-founded by Swiss metal wizard Merlin Sutter (Cellar Darling, ex-Eluveitie). With this track, the 2nd chapter of Kassogtha’s concept album rEvolve continues, taking you further into the darkest parts of its story. 

Stephany comments: 

“This is a song about anxiety. The eclipse is the image of this feeling that comes to extinguish everything at once and plunges everything into darkness, without any control. With this song, I put into words what anxiety means to me: an uncontrollable, irrational feeling that extinguishes everything around and plunges the world into darkness. A life driven by delusional thoughts and unrealistic fears making you believe that this is now all you really are.”

Her fellow bandmates add:

“Eclipse is one of those songs where as an artist you struggle at first and then you end up with one of your favorite songs on an album. It screams ‘prog’ instantly and it is possibly the track that represents Kassogtha best on this album. It is rhythmically challenging, but you won't get lost for too long as the crushing riffs and catchy chorus provide ample contrast. Intense, brutal, and challenging: this is one of our favourites and we can’t wait to play it live!”

Watch the video: