Klang Machine Records, 2022

‘Drown’ is the first single from our upcoming album rEvolve, produced at Stockholm’s legendary Fascination Street Studios with David Castillo (Carcass, Opeth, Leprous), Linus Corneliusson (Ihsahn, Amorphis) and Tony Lindgren (Carcass, Opeth, Katatonia). In Stephany’s words,

"’Drown’ is about a tragic moment of acceptance, when you choose to abandon yourself to the most comforting suffering because it is, at least, a world  you’ve created for yourself in response to the one you never asked to live in.

This song is a transition between the Kassogtha’s past and future, with Mortimer’s signature groovy riffs sprinkled with the prog influences the band holds dear today. It’s a genuine evolution in terms of composition, arrangements and performance. 

Trapped in a remote house in the Swiss mountains, surrounded by snow, with nowhere to go: that’s the atmosphere in which the lyrics and the first demo were recorded, which perfectly matched the mood of the place.  

Strongly influenced by Tool, the song was composed in part after watching Danny Carey's famous drum playthrough of the track 'Pneuma'. The break was built around polyrhythms that were later extended to the whole song. 

The special sound of the introduction tapping was created in the studio in collaboration with David Castillo."

Watch the video: