Every once in a while, a Swiss band comes along ready to innovate and dominate their genre — think Celtic Frost, Coroner, Samael, Eluveitie. This time, the disruptors are hailing from Geneva, with destructive riffs, steamrolling grooves, and sweeping melodies, paired with a female screaming voice that can compete with any growler out there. Just like the aforementioned legends came to dominate their respective genres, ranging from prog thrash to folk metal (or indeed metal itself), Kassogtha are ready to take over modern melodic death metal.

Stephany — the unique voice of Kassogtha — founded her first band early in her life, at the tender age of 15. Settling for nothing less than perfection, the steamrolling line-up of today came together in 2017, after several personnel changes, to record their debut album ‘A New World To Come’ under the band’s former name Deus Ex Machina. On this first record, the band’s creative force is completed by Mortimer Baud, whose riffs join Stephany’s voice and lyrics to make their way straight under the listener’s skin, and bassist Joseph Jaccaz, whom you may well find front and centre at the band’s devastating live shows, shredding away and putting many a lead guitar player to shame.

After having self-released their first record and playing shows across Europe in 2017, the band have tasted blood and started 2018 ready for more. In quick succession, ‘A New World To Come’ was nominated for “Best Rock Demo” at Zurich’s m4music festival, first proper tours took the band through Switzerland, Italy, Belgium and France, and the summer was crowned by making it as a finalist through the W.O.A. Metal Battle Switzerland.

2018 also saw the addition of one of Switzerland’s most dedicated young drummers, Dylan Watson, and 20-year old guitar wunderkind Martin Burger to the band.

In 2019, Kassogtha enters the studio to record their new EP “The Call“. A first single, “Kassogtha (The Call)” was released in June, with the innovative Pink Floyd cover “Welcome To The Machine” following on 9. August. This release marks Kassogtha’s crushing debut with the new line-up. The new tracks were recorded by Anna Murphy (Cellar Darling), mixed by Sky Van Hoff (Rammstein, Emigrate, Eskimo Callboy, Une Misère), and mastered by Svante (Rammstein, Volbeat, and many more). For the second year in a row, the band is nominated for “Best Rock Demo” at m4music festival, with the song “Pale Horizon“.

The same year, the band hits the road in November and December with the Female Metal Voices Tour, alongside Leaves’Eyes, Sirenia, Forever Still & Lost In Grey, through Germany, U.K. and Netherlands.

Together, they are motivated first and foremost by an extraordinary drive and passion for metal and authentic, real connection — both with their fans and with each other, a band spirit which becomes apparent immediately to any listener. They have found their shared identity in a new name: meet Kassogtha — Leaner and meaner, ready to take melodic death metal into the future.


Stephany Hugnin – Lead vocals
Mortimer Baud – Guitar & vocals
Joseph Jaccaz – Bass
Dylan Watson – Drums
Martin Burger – Guitar

Hometown: Geneva, Switzerland

© Kassogtha – 2022